Upcycled Plastic Bottle Home Decor Projects

Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite upcycled plastic bottle home decor projects. Think large pop bottles, shampoo bottles, ketchup bottles – I bet most of us have all these things in our house right now!  Why not get a little creative and crafty with them and make something new!

upcycled plastic bottle home decor projects

To get us started, this is a dishsoap dispenser I made a while back out of a white shampoo bottle.   My kitchen sink is the first thing people see when they come to the door – yeah I live in one of those 1970’s split levels 🙁    This is as simple as it gets – I just peeled off the shampoo label with the help of some hot soapy water and got the residue off using nail polish remover.   Then, I applied those rub-on letters you can get at the dollar store.  That is it.  I think it looks alot better than a bright yellow or neon green bottle staring me in the face when I walk in the door.

upcycled shampoo bottle

Reuseit Queen Upcycled Shampoo Bottle

Here are some other really ingenious upcycled plastic bottle home decor projects


1.  I am definitely going to make these DIY Walkway Light from In My Own Style once the snow melts 🙂

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2.  This room divider created by Lush Home is beyond crazy gorgeous.  Imagzine this as a backdrop for a party!


3.  Check out this tutorial on Instructables for these modern upcycled plastic bottle pendant light


4.  How about an hourglass or two compliments of Danny Seo?


5.  Incredible gLAMPsformation from Matsusutake  bae6e53eccd91df1ba5a1c4104348475 (1)

6.  These planters are from Design Public but they could easily be made from pop bottles – I love the look of succulents hanging on the fence.


7.  Pop bottle ottoman from wonderfuldiy


8.  In this case plastic bottles were used as a mold for these industrial-looking candle stick holders by DIYcandy


9.  These mini green houses from House of Humble are so sweet for spring.  Hey, i bet a you could make a pretty nice-looking cloche from a soda bottle!

PicMonkey Collage

Keep finding your fabulous!

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