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    Upcycle Your Old Jewelry

    If you’ve ever made jewelry, you know how expensive a “quick” trip to Michaels can be! You go in with the intention of looking for “just a few things” for your project and before you know it, you’re at the cash with a basket-load of blingy goodies, scrolling through your phone for a coupon to reduce your $68 purchase! Go Treasure Hunting If you are like most, you have a box or drawer full of costume jewelry that you once loved but don’t wear anymore. Maybe it’s broken, maybe you don’t like it, or maybe it’s just gawd awful ugly! Why not remake your jewelry? Think about it, you might…

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    DIY: Pottery Barn Knock Off Art – Upcycled Magazines

    Magazines.  We all have them.  You probably have a stack on your side table right now!  Yes, you can toss them into your recycling bin but have you ever thought about using them to create your own art?    The inspiration for this project came from a Pottery Barn Teen print that was selling online for $79.  Can you believe that?   Magazines are full of high-quality colors, images, patterns and fonts. I’m going to show you the basis to creating beautiful wall art for free! In this case, I am creating a special piece for a teen girl’s room but you can change it up to create art for any…

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    Hello and Welcome to ReuseitQueen

    Hi there! I’m Michele and welcome to my first post on ReuseitQueen! My passion is upcycling, refashioning, and refurbishing furniture,  clothing and household items.  I hate seeing an old lamp or perfectly good piece of wood going to waste!   One of my favorite childhood memories was receiving a good old bag of hand-me-downs and dreaming up ways to refashion them by cutting them up, removing collars, changing buttons and embroidering flowers.  I said I was crafty, not popular!  Enough about me.   Let’s talk about you. You love creating something unique for your home, something special that has meaning and makes you smile every time you look at it. You love…